MEDomicsLab: Open-Source Computation Platform for Precision Oncology


Manuscript submitted to npj Precision Oncology on March 24th, 2020.

MEDomicsLab is an open-source computation platform for integrative data modeling in oncology. It was created by an international consortium of medical scientists (, whose overarching goal is to facilitate the development and clinical translation of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in medicine. The platform is based on the Python programming language and contains five major modules that allow for loading, processing, exploring multi-omics data, and to create and evaluate actionable models for precision oncology. The intrinsic workflow of MEDomicsLab is designed to provide different levels of abstraction of methodological complexity to users and developers via dedicated application scripts, option settings and class structures. Overall, MEDomicsLab is envisioned to be at the center of multidisciplinary research teams and hospital database infrastructures. In this work, we demonstrate the current capabilities of the platform by analyzing nine clinical endpoints from a total of 1184 patients with lung cancer, low-grade glioma and meningioma.

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