MEDomics Consortium

Mission - To facilitate the development and clinical translation
of multi-omics research in cancer care

The vision of the MEDomics Consortium is to provide research scientists with integrated, end-to-end, open-source multi-omics computation tools for state-of-the-art outcome prediction modeling in oncology. Integrated state-of-the-art tools (will) include: (i) compatibility with the DICOM protocol for imaging and ROI definitions; (ii) radiomics analyses based on the IBSI workflow; (iii) natural language processing  jupyter notebooks; (iv) deep learning approaches for segmentation and prediction modeling; and (v) ontologies and distributed learning utilities to facilitate the exploitation of multiple oncological databases around the world.


The strength and uniqueness of the MEDomicsLab platform lies in the level of computational tool end-to-end integration: potential users are provided with the computation tools, template input scripts and recipes to quickly design and perform end-to-end standardized multi-omics prediction modeling experiments in oncology, while experienced users would still be given enough freedom to optimize those experiments by changing specific input script options.